Tsukuba Center, Inc.(TCI) Company Profile

Tsukuba Center Inc. was established at Tsukuba City in Ibaraki Prefecture in February, 1988, as a third-sector organization–a joint venture between private and public sectors– under Japan’s Private Sector Resources Utilization Law. Its objectives are to promote mutual exchange among researchers of national research institutes, universities and private industries, and support new product development and business incubation.

TCI is capitalized at \2.8 billion, of which one-third was provided by public sector (Ibaraki Prefecture and Development Bank of Japan) and two-thirds by private sector (Japan’s 71leading companies). Standing on a 18,320 m2 plot of land, and with a floor space of 9,986 m2, it is located amidst an excellent research environment featuring highly sophisticated national research institutes,universities and laboratories of private companies.

By optimizing its access to research institutes, government organizations and private companies situated in Tsukuba, TCI is in a position to furnish various unique services to its customers.

Outline of Tsukuba Center, Inc.(TCI)


February 2, 1988

Head Office

2-1-6 Sengen, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan 305-0047
Tel 029-858-6000
Fax 029-858-6014
URL http://www.tsukuba-tci.co.jp/


2.8 billion Yen

Land Area

18,320 m2

Floor Space

9,986 m2


  • Ibaraki Prefecture (local government)
  • Development Bank of Japan (central government)
  • 71 leading private companies of Japan (private sector)


1. Operation and maintenance of Rental Rooms (Laboratories and Offices)
  • Rental Laboratories 50m2 x 34 rooms
  • Information Offices 30m2 x 40 rooms
  • Incubation Rooms 50m2 x 10 and 25m2 x 10 total 20 rooms
  • Large Experiment Facility (Open space of 360m2 and 6 laboratories)
2. Conference Rooms and Halls for use by customers on hourly basis
3. Seminar Business
  • Seminars on advanced technology (including introduction of researches under way in Tsukuba)
  • Business Seminars ( business incubation seminars, management seminars, ISO Seminars, etc.)
4. Information Business
  • Provision of Tsukuba Research Information to TCI members (membership fee)
  • Provision of various information on human resources and advanced technologies to interested parties (through Internet)
5. Incubation of start-up enterprises
  • Support and assistance to start-up enterprises by Incubation Managers of TCI
6. Project Executions under contracts
  • Works under contract with Ibaraki Prefecture (various)
  • Works under contract with Japanese government organizations (various)